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Big Wave Riders

Big Wave Riders from Helsinki in Finland is Teppo (vocals / guitar), Aleksi (bass), Anssi (guitar), Pete (drums) and Lauri (sax / synth) – I think I’ll call this Permafrost-surf  – formed back in 2010, since when they have been melting the ice with their hot party rhythms.

Big Wave Riders

Big Wave Riders

It is interesting how bands draw influences. While many of the Scandinavian bands I have taken a gander reflect on the sombre, encompassing the land in a rolling wave of emotion, Big Wave Riders have taken a completely different stand-point. Here we find ourselves wrapped in dance as the band explore an alternative perspective to the landscape.

The roots of the music lie deeply in big waves and sunny climes, yet the electronics pull the ears back and the listener finds themselves enveloped in a wave of sonically shifting dimensions – upbeat – yet somehow introspective. You know that feeling of the morning after the night before – it was great and but for a coffee you would be there again – well Big Wave Riders provide that kick.

I find myself wandering through a fjord in a canoe – free and exhilarated, yet in awe of the vast expanse of snow tipped mountain. This is a scintillating reflection of the environment and Big Wave Riders lift the audience from the looming fjords in to party land with a mere flick of the finger.

Thanks for the music guys and let’s keep this space going for a long time to come.


The eponymous EP is available on Big Wave Riders (EP) - Big Wave Riders*

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