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Itching Eyeball… (the left one)

Itching Eyeball… (the left one) a trio from Amsterdam in Holland are an electro-rock band made up of Han Luís Cera (Vocals, Keys), Tristan Driesenaar (Guitar) and Henning Brand (Drums), when you add a German, a Dutchman and a Columbian, no this isn’t the start of a comedy hour, you are left with an intriguing mix, welcome - Itching Eyeball… (the left one).

Itching Eyeball... (The Left One)

Itching Eyeball... (The Left One)

An interesting meld of musical references combine and rebound to the listener with a pulsating sound-scape. Keys are thrown against guitar in a juxtaposition which is at the edge of breakdown, yet the deep resounding bass flips the layers like a child chasing balloons and so Itching Eyeball… (The Left One) move onwards to keep the listener engaged.

There is a natural progression to the music which threatens to send the ears to sleep, but suddenly an explosive firework ricochets from the speakers and the listener is wrested from slumber. There is a danger this technique could be over-played, but, Itching Eyeball… (The Left One) keep on the right side of the tracks. It isn’t laziness or unimaginativeness which leads the band to pursue this route, this is the very essence of the mongrel and a lovable animal it is too.

I enjoy bands like this who test the patience of the receiver, yet know exactly the hand they are playing. Eventually the audience will acquiesce and get with the mood. That shows focus and determination and while I go and gnaw my nails after meeting these guys, I will be back for more and Itching Eyeball… (The Left One) know that too.



The debut EP Tkinari is available on Tkinari - EP - Itching Eyeball... (The Left One)*

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