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Fourteen Twentysix

Back in 2006 Chris van der Linden started a solo project in Eindhoven in Holland – Fourteen Twentysix - which has now developed in to the ambient rock collective that also contains Jeroen DirrixJelle GoossensTom van Nuenen and Martijn Jorissen.

Fourteen Twentysix

Fourteen Twentysix
photo by Sanne Poppeliers

Once again I find myself somewhat surprised by a band I am reviewing. On the surface Fourteen Twentysix contains much of what I never did get about cerbebral rock, but behind that surface I am able to find a sound that is as intoxicating as it is inviting. Certainly not one for a quick spin while getting ready for a night out partying, this is conversely one to get in the mode of a more considered time.

It is very easy for music like this to disappear in to my ears and my brain to fail to register anything other than background noise, but the band is able to switch the connector between input and engagement as the judicious use of lower register notes rumbles the awareness processes into activity. This will never naturally sit as my home space, but the collective is able through the sheer power of the compositions to demand a close inspection. This is a sound which engages at a more thoughtful level or it doesn’t engage at all and I raise my hat to Fourteen Twentysix for delivering a sound that can draw atypical in listeners to the world of constructed ambient rock.


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