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Disko Matique

Disko Matique is the indie dance duo of Thijmen Hoebink and Pierre Hagelaars from Rotterdam in Holland, supported by various session musicians.

Disko Matique

Disko Matique

So far off beam you may think I am doing the Pet Shop Sketch from Monty Python, but I enjoy what Disko Matique have to say for some obscure reason and I think you will too.

I am reminded somehow of flashing disco lights and flares, but it can’t help but raise a smile and a feel-good factor surging through my nervous system on hitting the play button.

There is something bizarrely refreshing in being so retro that it is like time travelling. Though to this they add more than a dash of development and they take the electronics to a new dimension which turns the  retrospective to something of this time and moment.

Thumping bass rattles the sub-woofers and the more you test their limits the better the sounds appear – I think I may need to get the foundations of the building re-laid by the time I have finished this review. Despite the ability of the material to disintegrate concrete it isn’t ear bleeding, such is the resonance with dance and – despite the vagaries of time – it all sits neatly in to the club circuit.

Sometimes music is just great for its ability to take the listener in to a different set of recollections and Disko Matique does this with alacrity. That said this is not music for historians as the very nature of the sounds beat to the here and now and I raise my hat to the duo for being able to deliver an out-put that will resonate with a broad sphere of fans of dance music – but don’t just take my word for it – After taking a moment with the video – they aren’t all just drum loops, else I would have just ended up with banging my head on the nearest brick wall, take a listen to the audio track too.


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