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My Evil Twin

My Evil Twin is the vehicle by which the singer songwriter Cecilie Enevold Nielsen from Copenhagen in Denmark drops her thoughts on the world.

My Evil Twin

My Evil Twin

Lithely like a cat dropping from the roof the music floats in to the room landing gently – positioned and poised to bound onwards. In live performance Cecilie is supported by three other musicians on a diversity of key, string and electronics such is the meld of her sounds.

On her second LP – Cracks In Ice – which came out at the end of September 2012 to follow up the 2010 release - The Slow Escape -  Cecilie has drawn deep in to her soul to produce a sound that resonates of the dichotomy of the project title – My Evil Twin. Hushed lullabies drift gently, whilst, underneath the calming registers lies a sombre reflective of the vicissitudes of life.

I always have time, as you know,  for musicians who excoriate their skeletons to the bones laying it all out on the line –  as it takes enormous courage and far more importantly skill to do it in a way that makes sense to others. I am therefore delighted to be able to introduce My Evil Twin to you via the Indie Bands Blog, as although the music – a blend of muted pop rhythms – doesn’t resonate naturally around my head, the sheer strength of character is deserving of a far more eloquent reviewer than myself and certainly a creative who is of considerable value to the ‘genuine and heartfelt’ play-list.


Cracks In The Ice is available on Cracks in Ice - My Evil Twin*

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