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Fedora Heap

Fedora Heap is the alternative synthpop duo of Anders Gronborg and Sune Andersen from Aalborg in Denmark.

Fedora Heap

Fedora Heap

It is the little twitches that make all the differences and Fedora Heap have scratched a new groove to the genre of synthpop that adds a whole new dimension to the sound emanating from the speakers. Rumbling textures find their way in to the sub-woofers causing them to whirr in to life with a purr and happy bass lines means a broad smile across my face. This is music in which to revolve the body, but more than that there is a depth that also engages the brain as the sounds, which are carefully constructed to slide around the body also wrap the brain in a warming poultice.

The duo are not attempting to shift the world on its axis, rather add a prism to view the environment and this is something at which they excel. Snatching glimpses of the preceding 30 years of synth driven material Fedora Heap mould a sound that hints of the past, but retains a sharp focus on the here and now.

My only surprise is the lengthy delay between releases, but that is perhaps just my impatience. They do keep themselves busy with live performance and here we find a far expanded line-up to add those floats and meshes -

  • Casper Petersen – Keyboard/synthesizers
  • Steen Galmstrup – Drums
  • Gitte Breûner – Backing vocal
  • Frida Hedevang Malmø – Backing vocal
  • Rasmus Jakobsen – Production, sound & equipment
  • Kristian Tiim Olesen – Light Engineering


The Omen is available on The Omen (Extended Edition) - EP - Fedora Heap*

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*Purhcases made through the The Omen (Extended Edition) - EP - Fedora Heap link will result in the indie bands blog earning a commission.

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