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Marius us an alternative folk rock band from the Faroe Islands. With a population of only 50 000 and this being the second band I have reviewed from there I think we may well get to list everyone who lives on the Islands in time. Initially with another group at the age of 16 – Marius Ziska (Guitar / Lead Vocals /ukulele) spent time as a solo artist with an electro sound, before getting together with Brandur Jacobsen (Drums /Keys / Vocals), Heðin Ziska (Guitar / Keys / vocals / Xylophone) and Allan Tausen (Bass / Guitar /Vocals / Pedal Steel) to produce the acoustic feel.



The lyric surrounds the ease with which it is easy to become isolated in large conurbations, whilst the music wraps a warming cloak around the listener. The material is somewhat prescient, as although the world becomes ever more connected, so individuals are becoming ever more isolated.

With the vast array of instruments available Marius is able to deliver, what on the surface is easy on the ears, some fairly intricate compositions and this is the additional joy of the band. Recently embarked on a foray in to the USA it will be interesting to see how this develops as the band, to me, holds fascination for the very reason of the background of the players. With the material possessing an almost sage like quality with telling remarks from the perspective of the outsider delivered with the calmness that comes from that very existence.


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