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Hitherside is the Antwerp – Belgium – based rock duo of Jennifer Summer and Sam Oerlemans.



Formed in the summer of 2011 with the pairing of Belgian national Sam who is a multi-instrumentalist and Jennifer an expat from the USA, on vocals and guitar they have made a strong start to their project with an audience being pulled from across the world. After an initial single Insignificant Other, they followed up with a six track eponymous LP which came out in November 2012 and are currently working to cement a touring band line-up, so I guess the word is – watch this space for performance dates.

The music is at once melodious and powerful due to the well composed instrumentals and powerful vocal delivery and as such the sounds immediately catch the ears. Not seeking to break down the barriers as they deliver what can best be described as middle of the road rock, what stands Hitherside apart is the quality of the material.

It is when I find bands such as this, that reviewing new and emerging bands is highly personally rewarding as I am driven to spaces way outside my comfort zone and rather than recoiling in instant horror, I find myself in an environment that feels right.

It is of little surprise they are already experiencing commercial success and whilst I often fear that the mainstream charts may become an irresistible magnet, I have an assured confidence that Hitherside will stay with their values and I wish them all the best in their endeavours.


The eponymous release is available on Hitherside - EP - Hitherside*

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