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Sacred Sun

Sacred Sun is Aleksandra Kiseleva (vocals /guitar), Igor Zaika (guitar), Evgeniy Alibegov (bass) and Oleg Kryukov (drums) an alternative rock band from Sumy in The Ukraine. After a number of false starts but now back in the starting blocks, Sacred Sun, sweep the room with an undercurrent of driven rock that they mix up with haunting melodies. Whilst there […]


Ummagma is the ambient shoegaze duo of  Alexander Kretov and Shauna McLarnon, based in Ternopil in The Ukraine. Originally from Canada – Shauna travelled extensively and draws her influences from wide open wild spaces. Alexander from The Ukraine is more folk and ‘imported from the West’ influenced. This combination makes for a sound that contains […]


Colaars from Kiev in the Ukraine is a four piece indie-pop band that has just released a debut EP Wood Arsenal. Dmitry Tkach  (Vocal / Guitar), Ivan Medelyan (Guitar / Backing Vocal), Chuk (bass) and Evgeniy Vinogradsky (Drums) are newly formed and setting out their stall. The newly emerged so called’ free states’ are hived with bands that are happy with life. So […]

Fantastish Global Systems

Fantastish Global Systems is an indie rock band from Kiev in the Ukraine, with just two members - Oleksandr Chalyi (guitars / vocals) and the classically trained Violinist and Contrabass Aladdin Shchaslyvyi (drums /  vocals), who got together in 2007. No bass? I hear myself scream. Only two players? I ponder. … and so opens an exploration in […]


Singleton is an indie rock band from Kiev in the Ukraine, with eight years  behind them Alina Fedorova -(vocals), Jim Walt (guitar), Dmitriy “Choochoon” Chudakov (bass) and Vitaliy Yermak (drums) have taken a while to gain a broader recognition, well I can’t say I have fared too well on Ukrainian bands, as this is just my second dip in to the […]


Back in 2005, Evgeny Zheyda formed Thorn1, in the High Altai, perhaps the best climbing ground in the world, away from the tourist trail and one of only two places I have ever hitch-hiked a helicopter flight, but that is another story all together. Since those days he has moved to Ukraine, where news of […]