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The Jackets

The Jackets a rock band from Valladolid in Spain is Eva González (Vocals), Guille Aragón (Drums), Pablo Giral (Guitar), Manuel García (Bass) and Giovanni Olcese (Guitar). The music that emanates from the speakers explains precisely why when touring rock bands remember Spain exists, they are so well received. The Jackets scoop up much that is in the genre and deliver it […]

Sindrome Moscow

Sindrome Moscow an indie rock band from Valencia in Spain centres around the duo of guitarist Miguel and the vocalist and bassist Aleks, that is not to denigrate the skills of the session musicians. I oft ponder on broken English introductions and my paucity of shattered other languages I vaguely know and absolutely refuse to use the […]


Petrus is not on this occasion a review of a fine Bordeaux, or the London Restaurant, rather the project vehicle for the singer songwriter Víctor Petrus based in Menorca in Spain. I find myself heading back to the Balearics’ in short order, with this time, a completely different sound. The folksy based music has a sense of wide open rolling plains, with […]