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Kitten Pyramid

Kitten Pyramid is a progressive rock band from Derby in England, who could also perhaps be called a collective as the line up has a core of six -  Rob Redfern (Drums), Gemma Bower (Flute /Sax / Vocals), Chris Baldwin (Piano / Guitar / Vocals), Dan Baker (Guitar / Vocals), Mark Hamon (Bass / vocals) and Scott Milligan (Guitar /Vocals) – […]

Horse Party

From Bury St Edmunds in England comes Ellie Langley (guitar / vocals), Seymour Quigley (guitar / vocals) and Shannon Hope (drums / vocals) who form the indie band Horse Party. There is something easy to hook up with once Horse Party start playing as it resonates of much of the core of rock from the ’60s and ’70s […]


Mingmen a heavy metal band from Sion in Switzerland is Sway (Vocals / Guitar), J George (Guitar), Etienne (Bass) and D-Meo (Drums). Mingmen do a good job at making the genre more approachable as rather than jean jackets strewn in badges and grubby leather they concentrate on the construction of the songs, which although containing that distinctive high-pitch voluminous […]


Mechanimal an alternative rock band from Athens in Greece is Giannis Papaioannou, Freddie F, Angelica Vrettou and Kostas Matiatos.   Formed in the chaos that was Greece in 2011, though not much is better now, other than the irrationality has become the acceptable face of Socio-capitalism. Rather than falling in to the malaise Mechanimal seek to […]

The Dates

The Dates is Dan Cox (Vocals / Guitar), Joe Gannaway (Guitar), Moe Redish (Bass), Kipp Boucher (Drums) an indie rock band from Brighton in England. On a sunny Friday the dolly mixture shoegazy pop sits so well with the impending barbecue, as ska influences bounce around the garden. The Dates mix up a tasty cocktail of influences to generate […]

Bridie Jackson & The Arbour

Bridie Jackson & The Arbour is a folk band from Newcastle upon Tyne, England, comprising Bridie Jackson (Vocals / Guitar / Piano /  Belleplates), Jenny Nendick (Cello / Belleplates), Carol Bowden (Percussion / Vocals / Belleplates) and Rachel Cross (Violin / Vocals / Belleplates). From time to time we wander into the folk genre and I will […]

The Harbour

The Harbour is an indie rock band from Brighton in England comprising Max Winter (lead vocals / guitar / keyboard), Alfie Dillon-Reams (lead guitar / backing vocals / saxophone), Kit Simmonds (bass / backing vocals / keyboard / harmonica) and Matt Robson (drums/ cello / backing vocals). With so much instrumentation to hand you may anticipate The Harbour bring […]


Antarte from Agrigento in Italy is the experimental shoegaze trio of Lillo Morreale (vocals/  guitar), Paolo Vita (guitar) and Gabriele Castelli (drums) Mixing in a psychedelic flavour to shoegaze, Antarte is able to inject a new dimension of ambient sound that has become synonymous with Scandinavian wilderness and deliver something that is an absolute fascination. I often take a listen […]


East-Ra is the solo project of Dino Santaleza who hails from Labin, a small village in Croatia located in the Istra region. Many thanks to Robbie who  took the time from his schedule to write this review. After being lucky enough to speak to Dino it became clear that Istra has a rich history of song […]


Reveries is the alt-indie quintet of Gabriel Petterson (lead guitar), Alice Axinder (vocals), Noa Åkesson (vocals/guitar), Konrad Annerud (drums) and Martin Gabrielson (bass) from Linköping in Sweden. This is the second band I have reviewed from the 104 000 strong city of Linköping and I look forward to being able to introduce everyone in due course… Unmistakably Scandinavian the music floats across […]

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