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Skimmed is an indie band based around Birkirkara in Malta where they meet up to practice. The quartet comprise Alexandra Aquilina (vocals / keys), Daniel Borg (guitar), Federico Cilia (bass) and Christoffer Mercieca (drums). There is a frisson that shivers down the spine on hitting play as the purple velvet gloves of sound emerge across the room wrapping […]

Bark Bark Disco

Bark Bark Disco centres around Morris Woodcock from St. Julians in Malta, can also be found in Berlin in Germany with the lo-fi indie vehicle. Back in early 2010 I first came across Bark Bark Disco and over that time the sound remains immediately identifiable with blistering enthusiastic ’70s New Wave roaring out of the […]

The Shh

The Shh, betwixt Malta and Paris in France, is an indie-pop duo which comprises of Alison Galea and Ian Schranz. The out-fit is but a few months old though have already released a video and EP – The Burning Love. Happy notes bound out of the speakers with aplomb. There is an anchored instrumentation which demands […]