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Mechanimal an alternative rock band from Athens in Greece is Giannis Papaioannou, Freddie F, Angelica Vrettou and Kostas Matiatos.   Formed in the chaos that was Greece in 2011, though not much is better now, other than the irrationality has become the acceptable face of Socio-capitalism. Rather than falling in to the malaise Mechanimal seek to […]

Jake Leg

Jake Leg from Thessaloniki in Greece is Tolis (vocals), Babis (guitar), Makis (bass) and Aggelos (drum) who make up the indie rock band formed in 2005. Bring on the scratched guitar string, rumbling bass and rattling drums – what a great way to start my morning. Jake Leg is well known in the local circuit and […]

The 7 Frogs

The 7 Frogs is an indie pop band from Athens in Greece comprising  - Thanasis, George,  Fotis, Alex and Andrew. Resonating of all things UK Indie, that wouldn’t shake a stick in the Olive Tree, fortunately The 7 Frogs manage to knock the Olives from the branches and squeeze a drop of oil to the material and […]


Coin from Kavala in Greece got together back in 2001 when Ioannis Karakostas (vocals),  Teo Theodoridis (guitars) and George Papathimiopoulos (bass) met at a party. A strong friendship was formed and they continue to share similar dreams and ambitions. Despite the loss of their full-time drummer back in 2007, they have continued to develop their […]