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Katja Luhtala

Katja Luhtala is an Alternative indie rock singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist from Helsinki in Finland. The music of Katja Luhtala slides like a warming triple vodka into the bloodstream. A dark and brooding vocal immediately captures the attention whilst the metronomic musical tempos thrum into the head like a mystical spell and the listener remains captivated […]


Weepikes is a psychedelic rock band from Helsinki in Finland. After a 13 year break – back in 2010 Pasi Peni (Vocals / guitar), Jyrki Lehto (Guitar) and Tomi Nuotio (Bass) decided to get back together. To replace the original drummer Timmo Ravea - Ari Reiska Lehtinen joined the line-up. There are shreds of Lou Reed and Hawkwind, but it […]


Kevin is a psychedelic indie pop band from Helsinki in Finland. After some considerable time in existence Antti Alén (drums / percussion), Finn Andersson (bass / vocals), Jussi Ristikaarto (guitar / vocals) and Ville Särmä  (vocals / guitar) continue to plough their furrow of direction. A distinctive and highly recognizable sound emerges in to the room. With a slew of […]


Neondad is a psychedelic-pop band from Oulu, Finland made up of Hung Dad (guitar / korg / vocals), Lusty Dad ( guitar / vocals), Feliz Navidad (bass) and Peter von Baghdad (drums / vocals). This is about as ’60s hippie festival as can possibly be, from a spectrum getting on for fifty years forward. That’s not to suggest the material […]

Big Wave Riders

Big Wave Riders from Helsinki in Finland is Teppo (vocals / guitar), Aleksi (bass), Anssi (guitar), Pete (drums) and Lauri (sax / synth) – I think I’ll call this Permafrost-surf  – formed back in 2010, since when they have been melting the ice with their hot party rhythms. It is interesting how bands draw influences. While many of the Scandinavian bands […]

Zebra and Snake

Zebra and Snake are a duo from Helsinki in Finland. Tapio (Vocals, Synth)) Matti (Bass, backing vocal, synths) combine their sense of composition to create some of the smartest electro-beats wandering around the European circuit. I often find bands with roots in remote rural locations have a creative sense of space that reflects the territory in […]


Manna is Mariam  Jäntti and she is currently working on an international release for her second Album, Songs of Hope and Desire including six new tracks. Her influences range across the decades. She describes her output as being from the heart, without boundaries. The output by Manna has me clamouring for comparisons, which are self-evident, […]

Husky Rescue

Husky Rescue from Finland, prefer to write about ethereal things. Reeta Vestman (vocals), Miika Colliander (Guitar), Marko Nyberg (Bass), Anssi Sopanen (Drums) Maria Ilmoniemi and Ville Riippa (Keyboard) are a group of highly talented musicians and the band first started to form in 2004. Over the intervening years the sound has become more defined and […]

Them Bird Things

Them Bird Things, formed in late 2007, as collaboration between singer Salla Day, from Finland Steve Blodgett and Mike Brassard, established and renowned songwriters from America and producer Will Shade along with Timo Vikkula (Guitar), Esa Jussila (Bass) and Ville Särmä (Drums). Salla loved the songs written by Steve and Mike and formed a band […]