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Disko Matique

Disko Matique is the indie dance duo of Thijmen Hoebink and Pierre Hagelaars from Rotterdam in Holland, supported by various session musicians. So far off beam you may think I am doing the Pet Shop Sketch from Monty Python, but I enjoy what Disko Matique have to say for some obscure reason and I think you […]

The Homesick

The Homesick a three piece alternative dreamweave trio from from Dokkum in Holland is made up of Erik Woudwijk (Drums), Elias Elgersma (Guitar / Vocals), Jaap van der Velde (Guitar / Synth). The band first contacted me a while ago and since that first introduction they have developed a rounder and more proficient sound, so this time, the delay has […]

Fourteen Twentysix

Back in 2006 Chris van der Linden started a solo project in Eindhoven in Holland – Fourteen Twentysix - which has now developed in to the ambient rock collective that also contains Jeroen Dirrix, Jelle Goossens, Tom van Nuenen and Martijn Jorissen. Once again I find myself somewhat surprised by a band I am reviewing. On the surface Fourteen Twentysix contains […]


Kae, from Dordrecht in Holland started out life in 2008 as a singer/ lyricist –  songwriter collaboration between Alex Elzer and Korine Varekamp. In mid 2011 the band developed to the current stage presence of Korine (vocal), Eric Hertogh (Keys), Marcel Chrétien (Guitar), Pim Nagtzaam  (Bass) and Rob Wagterveld (Drums). I pondered between Alternative vocal and alternative pop to get […]

Itching Eyeball… (the left one)

Itching Eyeball… (the left one) a trio from Amsterdam in Holland are an electro-rock band made up of Han Luís Cera (Vocals, Keys), Tristan Driesenaar (Guitar) and Henning Brand (Drums), when you add a German, a Dutchman and a Columbian, no this isn’t the start of a comedy hour, you are left with an intriguing mix, welcome - Itching […]

The Ex

Sometimes it is difficult to know whether to classify current bands under essential indie bands, due to their longevity and influence. The Ex from Holland leave me in just that quandary. 30 years of music, more than 20 albums and getting on for 1 500 concerts across Europe, North America and Africa. Terrie Hessels (guitar, […]

The Legendary Pink Dots

The Legendary Pink Dots originally formed in London, UK in 1980 but since 1984 have been based in Amsterdam Holland. Comprising Phil Knight aka: The Silverman, Phil Harmonix (Keyboards, soundscapes, electronic devices, gadgets and technology), Niels Van Hoorn aka: Niels Van Hoornblower (Saxophones, flute, bass flute, clarinets and other various wind instruments, Martijn De Kleer […]