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My Evil Twin

My Evil Twin is the vehicle by which the singer songwriter Cecilie Enevold Nielsen from Copenhagen in Denmark drops her thoughts on the world. Lithely like a cat dropping from the roof the music floats in to the room landing gently – positioned and poised to bound onwards. In live performance Cecilie is supported by three […]

Fedora Heap

Fedora Heap is the alternative synthpop duo of Anders Gronborg and Sune Andersen from Aalborg in Denmark. It is the little twitches that make all the differences and Fedora Heap have scratched a new groove to the genre of synthpop that adds a whole new dimension to the sound emanating from the speakers. Rumbling textures find their way in to the […]

Death Valley Sleepers

From picturesque Copenhagen in Denmark comes the dreamy music of Death Valley Sleepers, originally a solo project from multi-instrumentalist and producer Tobias Winberg.  Now comprising Tobias (Vocal / guitar), Adam Winberg (Drums), Jesper Van (Bass), Christian Ki Dall (Guitar), Mads Jensen (Organ) and Kristina Romby (Vocal / Percussion). Another review by Robbie Gallagher, many thanks. […]


Marius us an alternative folk rock band from the Faroe Islands. With a population of only 50 000 and this being the second band I have reviewed from there I think we may well get to list everyone who lives on the Islands in time. Initially with another group at the age of 16 – Marius Ziska […]

Rake Wickman

Rake Wickman originally from Greenland, but mainly influenced by the Faroe Islands, though now to be found traversing both sides of the Atlantic is a solo artist who reflects the world of ambient-rock from an affinity with the sea. The ambient experimental sounds that Rake develops can’t help but draw even the most ardent land-lubber to an integration with […]


Pinkunoizu from Copenhagen in Denmark is Jaleh Negari,  Jeppe Brix,  Andreas Pallisgaard  and Jakob Falgren. A loop inside a loop of electronica. Pink Noise somehow seems appropriate… lets go explore… I still recall my first visit to Denmark as we drove in to Åbenrå when I was something like 10, to be faced with a huge billboard of […]

Why Write?

From Denmark, Why Write? is a new project by Jacob Faurholt, who has considerable success as solo artist and with Sweetie Pie Wilbur. Why Write? is Jacobs’ vehicle for a a trippy sound, which harks back to the early ninties and gives him the opportunity to collaborate with long term colleagues and friends. It is […]

Juliet Gough

Someone completely different on the indie bands blog, Juliet Gough, who has strong Danish and English roots and the influences of Midwest America and the evocative nature of Scandinavian mythology. This combination makes for a refreshing musical style which reveals more depth and complexity on second and third listening. This doesn’t mean the music is […]