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There’s Too Much

There’s Too Much is the vehicle for New Zealand born, now residing in London – England, Bryce Eden to deliver his industrial electronica. Industrial sounds make perfect sense to me as much of the world heads into fiscal oblivion and Society splinters. The oppressive unstoppable rumble captures the mood of the time. There’s Too Much combines instruments, […]

Glass Vaults

Glass Vaults is the ambient electronics duo of Richard Larsen and Rowan Pierce from Wellington in New Zealand. Back in October 2010 I received an email introducing Glass Vaults and so it has lain until this sunny early October afternoon and what an appropriate day to be writing the review. Over the intervening couple of years the material […]

The Blue Grizzly Band

I’d like to welcome a new guest writer to the website- Jess Allen – Introducing the world to another taste of Kiwi music, we may be from “down under” compared to the rest of the world but we are not shy and ooze with supreme talent. The Blue Grizzly Band are a bunch of fresh […]

The Eversons

The Eversons from Wellington in New Zealand has just released its debut LP – Summer Feeling, which came out on ‘Lil Chief Records on the 23rd April. The indie-pop quartet of Mark Turner (Bass), Chris Young (Lead Guitar), Blair Everson (Guitar) and Tim Shann (Drum) – you will have noticed no mention of vocal, well that is because the band share […]

Cool Rainbows

Cool Rainbows marks my first step to New Zealand. Essentially a vehicle for Auckland based Djeisan Suskov ( vocals /guitar /multi-instrumentalist / songwriter), but the live band includes Cass Mitchell (bass) and Alex Freer (drums). If it were more laid back, the music would be playing backwards, what a great way to start the long Easter Break (as I […]