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Rashmi Agarwal

Rashmi Agarwal is the Ghazal Gayaki folk singer songwriter from Delhi in India. Rashmi Agarwal introduces the 19th Century classical  influences of Ghazal Gayaki combined with a folk reflective which wraps around the raga in a sensorial elegance which encases the listener in a gossamer of fine thread. The simplicity of the constructs belies the proficiency both in lyrical poetry and the subtle […]

Grey Shack

Grey Shack from Chennai in India is blues rock band comprising Rohan Sen (Vocal), Vikram Vivekanand (Guitar), Mario Rohan (Bass) and Vinay Ramakrishnan (Drums). Reflecting on life around them, as you would anticipate from a blues centred band, Grey Shack presents the combustible surroundings in a telescopic framework. The material oozes of oak smoked barrels and whilst they are immediately of […]


Emergence is an acoustic indie rock band based in Auroville, Pondicherry in India.  Krishna Mckenzie (Lead Vocals / Guitar), Karthick Iyer (Vocals / Violin), Mishko M’ Ba (Bass) and Suresh Bascara (Drums) make the line-up for the band. What happens when you combine an  English guitarist, a French Bassist, a French Drummer and an Indian Violinist with Solitude Farm […]

Street Stories

I am delighted to introduce the indie-pop band Street Stories is from Shillong in India. Pezo Kronu (Guitar \ vocals), Riko Kronu ( Bass \ vocals) and Matsram Sangma (Drums) got together just over two years ago in 2010 which with the high energy live performance has seen them enrapture a loyal fan-base. I envisaged two brothers both […]

Rajasthan Roots

Jaipur based Rajasthan Roots one of the highlight acts at the 2009 Ladakh Confluence, are a collective of musicians and dancers who successfully bring the music of Rajasthan to a wider platform. Based on traditional folk, they have introduced elements of blues and electronica to the mix. The fusion of instruments as diverse as saxophone […]