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Dhany is from Réunion – an electronic dance DJ. Occasionally we furrow into the sounds of Ibiza, as we do with hip-hop and I hope you will agree with me this is not a futile traverse across the sound. Yes it is filled with all you may expect, but there is to my ears a sincerity […]

Ikonoklasta – Luaty Beirão

Once again I find myself heading to Africa to find what I understand to be the true essence of the protest of Rap and Hip-Hop. In Luanda in Angola emerges Luaty Beirão aka Ikonoklasta. I frequently hear from dinosaurs of the music industry that there is no political music around any-more as the audience doesn’t want […]

El-Haked – The Indignant – Mouad Belrhouate

El-Haked – The Indignant – Mouad Belrhouate, is from Casablanca in Morocco is a rap artist, so why would I review this guy? This will be but a brief and highly political point. Many musicians wish to change the world, how many have spent time for defying authority. El-Haked – The Indignant – Mouad Belrhouate hits the mark. […]

Desmond and the Tutu’s

Desmond and the Tutu’s formed in 2005 come from Johannesburg, and is a great demonstration of the energy running through the South African music scene. The creative style Desmond and the Tutu’s, who manage to combine kwela with pop rock, providing an energetic positive sound swishing through my ears. The band, have recently returned to […]