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The Blue Grizzly Band

I’d like to welcome a new guest writer to the website- Jess Allen -

Jess Allan

Jess Allan

Introducing the world to another taste of Kiwi music, we may be from “down under” compared to the rest of the world but we are not shy and ooze with supreme talent.

The Blue Grizzly Band are a bunch of fresh faced music graduates that have been together for just under a year.  They actually come from my birth place,  Palmerston North it is about 2 hours shy of Wellington in the North Island of New Zealand.

The Blue Grizzly Band

The Blue Grizzly Band

The Blue Grizzly Bands style of music range from blues, rock, funk, reggae, jazz and metal. Infact put all the sounds of music awesomeness into a giant blender and pour it to me in a tall glass and that is what you will get.

The members are: Aaron Smith (Guitar / Vocals), J McMurray (Lead Guitar), Big Poppa Hoyle (Bass) and O.T (Drums).

Aaron’s voice is like a modern day smoky Joe Cocker with a kick ass rock vibe. The voice doesn’t match the face…… wtf???? Yea one of “those” voices.
The Blue Grizzly Band did a cover of Air Tonight by Phil Collins. They nailed it and made it their own. I am sure the man himself would of been proud.

Embracing music purely for the love of music is what you will hear from The Blue Grizzly Band….. Not I’m a “computer band, living in a computer world, making computer songs in my computer dungeon” they actually play instruments. A band to watch out for…. They released their debut EP Broke Ass Blues back in May 2012 and plan on heading back to the studio by the end of the year to finish their album.

My final words on these boys is they know what they are doing and doing what they love and the music speaks for itself….. The only way to know if you like something is to listen to it. So check them out.

If you happen to be in NZ on the 22nd September go check them out, they will be playing at the Tankapalooza Festival in Palmerston North, this is an annual yearly event.

Written by Jess Allan.


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Jess describers herself as a –  Self confessed and “possessed” Rock Chick! -. Originally from New Zealand but now living in Australia. A graduate in Radio/Broadcasting she straddles both the New Zealand and Australian scene.

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