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Glass Vaults

Glass Vaults is the ambient electronics duo of Richard Larsen and Rowan Pierce from Wellington in New Zealand.

Glass Vaults

Glass Vaults

Back in October 2010 I received an email introducing Glass Vaults and so it has lain until this sunny early October afternoon and what an appropriate day to be writing the review.

Over the intervening couple of years the material retains its distinctive sound, whilst it has gained in competency. The duo have the confidence to stretch the delay across bars, producing a sound that retains the distinctive notes, yet permits it to emerge in to the room at a leisurely pace during which the ears are encapsulated by the forward momentum. This effect provides a stunning transition of sound that enables the band to discover new reaches of delivery that keeps the mind in constant motion. The colliding waves of sound combine in slow motion ensuring the brain follows the ripples across the room.

Had I not had a country indicator I would have been convinced I was listening to some cutting space from a Scandinavian band, rather than the polar opposite longitude and latitude. The subtle and measured delivery mesmerises the  listener in cocoon of timelessness.

This is cleverly constructed  material and although I am two years late, for that I don’t think I need feel abashed on this occasion.

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