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Cool Rainbows

Cool Rainbows marks my first step to New Zealand. Essentially a vehicle for Auckland based Djeisan Suskov ( vocals /guitar /multi-instrumentalist / songwriter), but the live band includes Cass Mitchell (bass) and Alex Freer (drums).

Cool Rainbows

Cool Rainbows

If it were more laid back, the music would be playing backwards, what a great way to start the long Easter Break (as I write this review). An array of instruments are backed by a superb percussion, which has the sound of a vinyl scratch, this is well put together material. With a new release just out on 19th March 2012 Whale Rocket, it is good to see a limited edition coloured vinyl which fits so well with the mood of the music, it will be interesting to see how things develop.

Cool Rainbows is able to up the tempo, but there is an ever present feeling of un-hurried timelessness to the material, which is delivered with muted levels, giving a lo-fi ambience. A plethora of instruments are deployed, which reflect the mood of the tracks and deliver a variety of sound to entice the listener to keep tuned. It is all framed in a recognizable structure so that the essence of the band is not dispersed in a vapour of diversity. This working of alternative indie-pop has much to recommend to it, though it is music of a mood, so won’t necessarily sit in the everyday radar, but when the mood is right, it is superb. Fortunately for me, I met the material on the start of a long break, which is precisely where the music fits.


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