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The Salvagers

The Salvagers, from Sydney Austrialia, are the archetypal rock band – à la AC/DC. Cam (Vocals / guitar), Nathan (Guitar / vocals) Nic  (Drums / vocals) and Dawson (Bass / vocals), that’s an awful lot of vocalists, have been round since 2007, disappeared of the radar for a couple of years and returned in 2011 with a new vibrancy.

The Salvagers

The Salvagers

As regular readers of the website know, Rock and Tim, just aren’t natural bedfellows, but I felt something like a fatal attraction to a band who have just refused to give up their dream.

Eclectic mixes work like a dream for some out-fits, but The Salvagers, just seem to be a natural for the rock genre. It may not be fashionable, it may even be looked down on as the poor cousin of trendy electronic shoegaze (though I never do understand why), however, this is the roots of the soul and these guys play with a sense of confidence. No need to cover the music with twists, it is raw and powerful.

Three vocals dipping in to support the main vocalist add an interesting twist to the driven music.

I believe they have found a natural home and while it isn’t mine, I do hope they continue to plow this furrow in which they add considerable interest, not just interest, but a sense of perspective and enjoyment.

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