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Jacob Butler

From Melbourne in Australia emerges the alternative rock singer songwriter Jacob Butler.

The Jacob Butler Project

Jacob Butler 

With deft ability Jacob Butler  ranges across a diversity of geographic influence always returning with a heart-felt construction. Without the strength of song-writing this wouldn’t add much new territory, but Jacob possesses  a fine ear to song composition as he drives tempos up and down, edge or buffer as appropriate and a very clear delivery. His ability to pull together sounds from blues, brit pop, heavy rock and electro-pop to produce a sound which at once: Has a timelessness and recognition factor and is also engaging and refreshing.

Sharply written lyrics are highly relevant to the feel of individual tracks and it is of little surprise Jacob is gaining wider acknowledgement as a fine song-writer who also possesses a vocal delivery that sits well with alternative rock compositions he creates. If you are wanting to explore the geographically influential styles of guitar to the modern take on rock music, then taking the time to listen to the out-put by The Jacob Butler Project is a great place to start.

From Stadium Rock to back-room bar flanges Jacob Butler extrapolates the whole gamut and throws out of the speakers music worthy of taking time to listen to and enjoy for what it is.


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*Jacob has now deleted ‘The’ and ‘Project’ from the title of his solo work so is now just Jacob Butler - correction posted  9/10/12. 

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