The Badenvilles

The Badenvilles is Gordie (Guitars / Vocals), Jem (Guitars), Nico (Bass) and Ben (Drums) an alternative rock band from Hobart in Tasmania.

The Badenvilles is an alt rock band from Tasmania

The Badenvilles

I hit play and immediately I had to search out my recordings by The Fall and this has left me in a reverie for many an hour. A half spoken vocal lies over sparse instrumentation and there is enough gap between the notes to go and make a sandwich, this is almost music I dream of.

The Badenvilles  greet the audience with a raucous enthusiasm which rattles around the head like a bagatelle ball. The very sparse and cut nature of the sounds gives it the intoxicating perfume which enraptures the ears in a moment stopped in time. But a few months old, this quartet is precisely why discovering new bands is such a pleasure.

Highly unlikely to hit significant sales any-time ever, this is precisely the sort of band that the Indie Bands Blog exists to review and hopefully why you continue to read it.

My thanks to both The Badenvilles and to you for being inventive and exploratory.

It won’t suit all ears by a long chalk, but for The Badenvilles this is not an issue, nor is it for me, it is just well – almost perfect. Almost? There is a reference point circling around that ‘one release too many’ by an artist for whom I had high regard first time round, but not the second – Johnny Cash.

Ignore that and take in the open spaces and singularity.


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