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Pink Fur and The Black Coats

Pink Fur and The Black Coats is the rock ‘n’ Roll duo of Joel Chant (Guitar / Vocals) and Callum Roza (Drums) from Brisbane in Australia.

Pink Fur and The Black Coats

Pink Fur and The Black Coats

The duo is able to fill in all the gaps to sound like a full four piece line-up and this could be something straight out of the psychedelic era of rock ‘n’ roll, with saturnine vocals reminiscent of Dylan and fluid open guitar, but far from sounding like a copy, there is a distinctive freshness to the material.

Pink Fur and The Black Coats is able to deliver a sound that impregnates the brain and develops from an embryonic structure to a fully developed and formed entity that fills the head with immunogenic fluidity that dulls responses to other sounds as the brain is fully focussed on the music. It’s just turned seven a.m. as I type this, a chill in the air and yet  I find myself transported to a bright summer festival.

Not overly complex in notes or melodies, the duo develop a rounded sound to the framework through some great work between guitar and percussion each playing foil to the other, whilst, above the velvety textures lies a voice that raises a smile and memories.

With a new EP just released – Galleries – and a release supporting tour along the East Coast of Australia during autumn 2012, I would suggest finding the time to get out to see Pink Fur and The Black Coats, if they are nearby, would make for a great night out.


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