Ollo is the alternative electronica duo of Alex Crowfoot and Lars Chresta from Sydney in Australia.



This is one of those bands that has been sitting in my inbox for the best part of a year for no good reason. Sean Hocking from Metal Postcard Records sent me over the what was then the unreleases LP Ape Delay, but time and tide, so it is with an apology for the delay that I begin this review.

There is a certain reference to the scenes around Berlin in the early ’80s with more than a touch of psychedelia from the ’70s rock pantheons of the likes of Hawkwind. Tracks are contained typically within the three and and a half to four minute mark though can on occasion run to approaching ten minutes, but never seem a moment too long. Ollo is far more inventive than a mere retrospective mirror as they gather their source material to project it through a time prism to deliver something that offers music of the future age.

The material wends its way in to the room taking the listener on a mystery tour of gentle pulses that massage the brain to a state of trance. Combining low live drum beats with electro bass to set a tempo to which the brain rate settles, with high pitched tinkles of sound that spin around the head like a pinball lighting up various parts of the head which would give an fMRI scanner a thorough work-out as it followed the active neural pathways.


Ape Delay is available on Ape Delay - Ollo*

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