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Obscura Hail

Obscura Hail is the vehicle used by the singer / songwriter Sean Conran from Wollongong in Australia to reflect his evocative indie folk take on life.

Obscura Hail

Obscura Hail

There is a delightful sound which emerges from the speakers as the creative spark that is Sean Conran flexes his musical talents. The music has a softness which enhances it’s over all delivery as the songs deliver a powerful emotional statement through the very gentleness that contains some superbly crafted track constructions.

Unafraid to experiment Obscura Hail pushes the axiom of acoustic folk to an intriguing space. I am writing this on another 30th of the month so while I reflect on Julie having died 7 months ago today, this sits well inside my ears.

I haven’t been able to identify much about Sean, other than to find out that he is a prolific composer, so I will leave the music to sit with you.


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