Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea originally from Australia is a hip-hop rap singer.

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea

There is something quite refreshing about the material Iggy Azalea launches on the world with a freshness and vitality that so-often fails to shine through the genre. There is an intriguing underlay of angst which is delivered with a confidence and sassyness that rents like a a gnawing ache of a reflection of hip-hop that needs expressing as the normally denigrated gender spins the mirror one eighty degrees. It is of little surprise she is rattling a few cages and taking the scene by storm.

A brash confident sexuality vents a discourse that takes the style to a higher level with the confidence to not work within the tight confines of the template. Although the core sounds are retained intact, there are echoes and layers of different mixes of instruments, so although looped, the listener isn’t left wondering how soon the cacophony will end, rather having sufficient strength to hold-up on its own.

The lyrical tour-de-force is where the strength genuinely lays, though I can’t say this will be anything than an occasional play for me as the vocal style isn’t one I find massively engaging. That said for adding a new dimension and  ticking the box for generating genuine value to the world of music – Iggy Azalea can’t be faulted as she targets the very genre in which she produces her music.

Smartly packaged and produced videos and audio achieve exactly what they are aiming to achieve and have a wry humour and purposefulness by the bucket-load as the rebound hits with all guns blazing to cock-a-snook with great confidence – so I wish her every success in her career, but don’t expect to catch me at any of the gigs.


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