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Bec Sandridge

Bec Sandridge is an Australian solo musician originally from Wollongong in Australia, who wrests from her soul an alternative-folk guitar driven construction. Having performed within a band she elected to stride a path on her own, utilising accompaniment as necessary.

Bec Sandridge

Bec Sandridge

I seem to have been writing about female singer-songwriters for a few days now and Bec Sandridge is a pleasure to add to the list. Music can play twists with your life and Bec deferred her University place to take the opportunity for a 2 month tour in the UK.

I could swear I was in Iceland, as the vocal sweeps out of the vocal. Not only does the music have shattering tinkle of ice, but the vocal register is reminiscent of Bjork. A sense of cleansing washes through the room as the rolling music explodes around the ears. High pitched progression often don’t resonate with my head as regular readers will know, but with Bec Sandridge, there is such a clarity of purpose, rather than appearing as tinnitus, it makes for a space to explore further.

With a new release Lyons and Bees scheduled for the 22nd February, expect to read more about this entertaining and expressive alternative-folk musician on the indie bands blog pretty soon.

Just one request directly to Bec - please stop covering and mixing it with your original material, which as a result has a value that is being diluted.


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