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Bad Thoughts

Bad Thoughts is Milo Kossowski (vocals and gadgets), and sometime bandmate Daina Fanning (backup doo-wop) producing an eerie ambient -shoegaze outpouring from Melbourne in Australia.

Bad Thoughts

Bad Thoughts

Although it is only morning as I type this review, the immersive hypnosis wrapping round the room is trance like in quality and I am drifting away from coherent thoughts, so writing this won’t be all that easy and by the time I finish, it may well be tomorrow.

The lazy sounding melodies float around the ears drawing the listener in to the out-put and an omnipresent beat ticks throughout the tracks creating that sense of hypnosis. This would not be out of place in any dance-club around the world and neither does it jar when listened to on your own. The music, drives the mind to create its own illusions and distortions, sending the audience on a journey of their own choosing. Uplifting, soul enhancing, creepy, claustrophobic – the sound lays out a frame and the mind will take the journey it sees fit.

Bad Thoughts despite the name doesn’t send the listener on to a nightmare trip, rather an introspective consideration which on emerging out of the other side leaves the listener feeling more comfortable with life and strangely still with a slightly fuzzy brain. Just don’t expect to put in your best sports performances immediately after having had a love-in with the psychotropic sounds of Bad Thoughts.

Bad Thoughts – “It’s You” live.vis from isoscally on Vimeo.


The eponymous LP is available on Bad Thoughts - Bad Thoughts*

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