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Sistra  are from Khabarovsk in Russia, - Arseniy SysoletinRoman MurashovRoman Lopatkov and Mikhail Gnesin generate an interesting blend of experimental rock.

Sistra ??????


It takes a moment or two to understand Sistra, but the time is worth the effort.  An unbelievable vocal needs a second, then third glance, as octaves far higher than are reasonable are hit with comfort. The band have explored a number of spaces as you would anticipate from an experimental sound,  but have hit a rhythm that makes sense. The band seek to explore the edges of sensible production, prior to falling off the cliff.

Not sure why attempting to explain away absolute discordance makes sense,  any more than I would attempt to make sense of Space Invaders (and if you don’t get the analogy, one of us is in the wrong era).

The soundscape is one in which high notes collide briefly against a bass, a little like the batons on the afore mentioned game. The pure effervescence of Sistra as they identify a new playground in which to explore, makes for a feeling that… yes, the world is still alive and discovering.

Will Sistra ever make the larger scale of things, I doubt it. Does that matter? No. Thank you  Arseniy, Roman M, Roman L and  Mikhail for being there.



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