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Grenouer is a metal rock band from St. Petersburg in Russia comprising  Andrey Ind (vocals), Alexander Motor (guitar), Igor Buzzy (guitar), Danny (drums) and Daemon (bass).



I always struggle with my geographic placement on Russia as I have them in the Asian section, which is sort of right as most of the landmass lies in Asia, but most of the bands I review from Russia lie to the West of the Urals and hence are technically European, but that aside – Grenouer

Having started life over a decade ago there is a danger that the sound could become amortised studio rock, but gladly I am able to say whilst they have refined the sound none of that joie de vivre has been extinguished. Grenouer combine the core of heavy rock, whilst making it a more accessible sound for those who find leather jackets and head-banging a distraction, whilst retaining the core base of fans of the genre with the heavy and persistent percussion sitting proudly alongside soaring guitars.

Their years of experience have been put to good use as the output has the symbiotic air guitar whilst it has mellowed to enable to clarity of the compositions to be clearly enunciated delivering a sound that lies deeply rooted in the traditions and at the same time giving themselves the space to enhance the melodic structures, without it falling in to the cracks of obscurity.

What I found particularly heartening was the email I received from Andrey as despite being signed with the singular and iconic Belgian metal label Mausoleum, he is still digging around doing the promotional research and sending out the emails – for that alone I give hearty praise to Grenouer.

The well tempered measures can equally be played at ear splitting festival levels or set to create a tone for a gathering of friends at home. A new LP – their seventh – Blood On The Face  – came out in May in Europe and is set for release in North America in July.


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