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Side Effect

Side Effect is a post new wave  agit-rock band from Yangon in Myanmar made up of  the trio of Darko C. (vocals/ guitar), Tser Htoo (drums/ vocal), Jozeff K. (bass/ guitar ) plus Hein Lwin (live bass player).

Side Effect

Side Effect

Just occasionally my timing of band reviews is right. Side Effect play in Germany today –  3rd December 2012, as the opener to their first European Tour after finding sponsorship under a cultural exchange program from the Goethe Institute. Side Effect’s European tour is partly being organized by the directors of – Yangon Calling —a 2012 documentary about Burmese subculture. They have had a fight to get exposure and space in Myanmar as well as more broadly. IndieGoGo - the US-based fundraising website they used to raise cash to cover recording expenses and buy a drum set – shut their account over fears that it contravened international sanctions imposed on Burma. Despite it all, they retain an infectious enthusiasm.

My advice if you can – get out to support them on their tour, failing that – before hitting play – make sure there is nothing you can break in the room, turn the volume as high as you can and stand up, as once you have hit that play button you will find yourself immediately pogoing around the room.

Sharp staccato guitar and drum is met by equally razor riven vocals as the band rail against mediocrity and mendacity. Having spent seven years necessarily underground, it is great to see them gaining a wider space in which to play, more than that they managed to beat the sanctions and fund their LP Rainy Night Dreams which is available on Rainy Night Dreams - Side Effect*.


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