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Sae Lis’

Sae Lis‘ based in Beirut in Lebanon is another exemplar of how the world of music can and does exist underneath discordance. Whilst the solo singer songwriter Sae Lis’ can and does travel around the world, she retains as her home one of the worlds ever bubbling trouble-spots and for this above most anything, I am delighted to write an article.

Sae Lis'

Sae Lis’

Sae Lis’ describes herself as a story teller and traveller, which is a perfectly suitable description. The material sears out of the speakers with French or English delivery encompassing influences from across the globe, but always reminiscent of the café culture, which given the context of creation is even more delightful.

The  world music references raise this above the parapet and focus the ears as a core of jazz funk spills across the room, wrapping the listener in a sense of good times. Behind the varnish lies a heartfelt emotional context which envelopes the listener to a sense of this being a personal performance.

The compositions are by the very nature of the influences fairly complex and Sae works with some highly able instrumentalists to enable the music to work effectively, which it does superbly.


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