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Mashrou’ Leila

From Beirut in Lebanon we find the alternative indie collective of  Mashrou’ Leila with a seven piece line-up Hamed SinnoIbrahim BadrCarl GergesHaig PapazianOmaya MalaebAndre Chedid and Firas Abou Fakher using a mixture of microphone, a violin, a bass, two guitars, drums and keyboards they challenge the established order.

Mashrou' Leila

Mashrou’ Leila

Having started life back in 2008 they rose to greater prominence as the revolutions picked up pace across North Africa and the Arab world. Their shows are always packed with thousands and the establishment doesn’t quite know how to deal with a band led by an openly gay lead singer and an out-put that challenges many of the taboos in the region. Sometimes censored by the State, it doesn’t stop their fans singing the lyrics the band is not allowed to sing on stage, such as prostitute and pimp in Jordan recently with the audience filling in the gaps.

Mashrou’ Leila combine traditional tempos and structures with western rock instruments to create a compelling sound that draws in the listener as the velvety music belies the visceral nature of the out-put.

Not seen extensively out-side the North African / Arabian circuit they are slowly adding Europe to their stomping ground. Their material transcends political divides with fans across the whole of the region.

Once again it is a pleasure to introduce a band that challenges the order at some great personal cost and long may musicians across the world continue to demand freedom and tolerance.


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