Rashmi Agarwal

Rashmi Agarwal is the Ghazal Gayaki folk singer songwriter from Delhi in India.

Rashmi Agarwal

Rashmi Agarwal

Rashmi Agarwal introduces the 19th Century classical  influences of Ghazal Gayaki combined with a folk reflective which wraps around the raga in a sensorial elegance which encases the listener in a gossamer of fine thread.

The simplicity of the constructs belies the proficiency both in lyrical poetry and the subtle shifts in timing pattern which brings the music to life. This isn’t something to play on the way out to a rave, but is certainly an output to play when looking for an inner calm. As those who read the site well know – that relaxing space is not somewhere I find too often.

Whilst not necessarily a style of music that rests naturally on those from Western cultures, there is potentially an intense pleasure to find by opening up the brain to alternative iterations of sounds and I would add the music by Rashmi Agarwal is both accessible, whilst a step away from the mainstream expectation.

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Rang De Maula (Sufi Songs) – Rashmi Agarwal is available on iTunes*

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