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Grey Shack

Grey Shack from Chennai in India is blues rock band comprising Rohan Sen (Vocal), Vikram Vivekanand (Guitar), Mario Rohan (Bass) and Vinay Ramakrishnan (Drums).

Grey Shack

Grey Shack

Reflecting on life around them, as you would anticipate from a blues centred band, Grey Shack presents the combustible surroundings in a telescopic framework. The material oozes of oak smoked barrels and whilst they are immediately of the blues rock sentiment what I particularly enjoy is the way the quartet is able to pare back the sounds with a clarity of direction, avoiding the lengthy preambles and interludes that are injected by far too many in this genre.

Although it will never sit in my core playlist it is a pleasure to discover a band that is able to shoot an arrow  across the bow of self indulgence which way too often besets this style of music added to which they take the occasional foray in to tempos and notes closer to home, that gives the sound an added twist of interest.

Whilst the guitar is given a occasional run out, there is a tight lead kept on the direction of travel which retains the ear of the listener, rather than have them straying off in boredom. Their proficiency and ability is displayed through the coherence of the band and without the egocentric dullness of 25 minute guitar breaks, they are able to quietly and confidently demonstrate themselves as skilled musicians.

After line-up changes and an enforced break Grey Shack released their first LP - Step Outside – which takes the claustrophobia of an Urban Centre on a journey in to the landscapes around and they are continuing to develop as a band.




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