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Guiguisuisui is an alt rock band from Changchun in China. A regular rotation of players line-up revolving around Dann Gaymer.

Guiguisuisui is an alt-rock back from China


The baseness of the sounds emanates from a hybrid home constructed instrument which marks out the territory that is Guiguisuisui. Listening to the material you kind of get the feeling that you are listening to a travelling circus as the music strays across many derivatives, though the lyric is focussed on life in the North East of China and reflective of the

harshness of the surroundings. When it emerges accompanied by a delta blues the listener can’t help but reflect on the juxtaposition. Well received both locally and touring across broader swathes of China,  Japan and South Korea, whilst the sound is singular it is an interesting reflection of how music plays differently across various geographical boundaries.

I enjoy this output by Guiguisuisui for its very rawness as contextually anything more honed wouldn’t make sense, though am well aware it won’t necessarily suit everyone’s ears to me it has the essence of what makes independent music across the globe such a fascinating and valuable experience. I couldn’t resist it for The Crass influences in some of the material.

Again I would like to thank Metal Postcard Records based in Hong Kong for sending me over another great package of music I will get round to fully over the coming weeks.


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