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Kabul Dreams

Kabul Dreams from Kabul in Afghanistan are a three piece outfit comprising Sulyman Qardash (guitar/vocal), Siddique Ahmed (Bass) and Mujtaba Habibi (Drums). Formed in February 2009, they play guitar led rock and sing in English. Keeping themselves busy, Kabul Dreams have recently released an EP Sound of Peace and Love and are managing to find venues in Afghanistan, although there are public gathering restrictions which make this complicated as well as appearing at the South Asia Bands Festival in Delhi.

The three are from different parts of Afghanistan, a Tajik, a Pashtun and a Uzbek and each speak a different language, Dari, Pashto and Uzbek, they decided English would be a good language in which to sing. Although out of the country for some considerable time during the late ’90s, they all returned to Afghanistan and decided to create Afghanistan’s first Indie Band.

Kabul Dreams

Kabul Dreams

The music is influenced by Britpop but has a whole slice of Afghan rhythmic patterns. They are a group of experienced musicians, having played in bands while abroad and the music creates a sense of calm and comfort, as indie rock is merged with folk rhythm.

As important than the output is the message the band are trying to send out. As Sulyman Qardash acknowledges, playing Indie Rock in Afghanistan is a risk, adding ‘…We love our country and we want to change our young generation, we want to make something new…’

Siddique Ahmed adds ‘…The reason we formed this band was to give a message to the Afghan youth, a message that they can live together.


Kabul Dreams are a band I am really pleased to be able to write about. With no infrastructure, limited resources and even a war to contend with, there they are, doing what they truly believe in.

I wish the guys well.

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7 Responses to “Kabul Dreams”
  1. Indievidu says:

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  2. Shoaib says:


    All the best guys! It’s gonna be a bumpy road ahead but remember that you have the hopes and aspirations of an entire generation of Afghan youth behind you, wishing you well! :)

    Khuda Hafez


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