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El-Haked – The Indignant – Mouad Belrhouate

El-HakedThe IndignantMouad Belrhouate, is from Casablanca in Morocco is a rap artist, so why would I review this guy?

El-Haked - The Indignant - Mouad Belrhouate

This will be but a brief and highly political point.

Many musicians wish to change the world, how many have spent time for defying authority. El-Haked – The Indignant – Mouad Belrhouate hits the mark. I think I did too. I was in the Lewisham anti-racism marches in the late ’70s, I even managed to fight in Brixton, went on to anti-queer bashing as it was called at the time, thepoll tax riots and even today you will find me at protest as and when my old bones allow.

But my finest moments were arrests when singing against a system that oppressed me as the Met jumped on stage to make a drama, yes I faced the bull, but as corrupt as the Met may be, I knew I would be out in hours.

El-Haked – The Indignant – Mouad Belrhouate, despite the ‘hat’ and the ‘rap’ has been in prison since September 9th simply because in his song, Stopping Being Silent he actually dared to pronounce ‘While I’m still alive, his [Mohammed VI] son will not inherit‘.

I have absolute respect for El-Haked – The Indignant – Mouad Belrhouate, the man of the moment and with no doubt making a difference with his music.

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