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Lux Leopard

Lux Leopard from Sochi which some recognise sits within the  independent state of - Republic of Abkhazia or as they are designated by category on the indie bands blog, Apsny, alternatively this is disputed Georgian/Russian Republic territory, or as Lux Leopard have it from the Russian Olympic city, so let’s have it as an Apsynian Band, comprising K?rin? Yunusov? (Vocal), Eugene Kuznetsov (Guitars), Aslan Gedgafov (Bass) […]

Burnt Ones

Whenever I receive an email from Banter Media, I am immediately intrigued, there are but very few firms that do this, hence the section entitled PR Managers, I must get on to writing about them one day. But for now, well to be honest back on 26th July 2010, I received a missive regarding the […]

Bear in Heaven

Since their first release back in 2003 Bear in Heaven - Sadek Bazaraa, Jon Philpot, Joe Stickney and Adam Wills from Brooklyn, in the USA have been experimenting with psychedelic rock. I’m not sure if have some honey smell about me,  but my inbox is replete with bands with the name Bear in them, perhaps I […]

She’s a Beauty

She’s a Beauty from Maynooth in Ireland have been around since 2009 when Cathal Farrelly (Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar), Robert Hogan (Lead Guitar / Backing vocals), Tomo Garnett (Drums & Percussion) and Jamie Caprani (Bass) decided it was their time to create some of their own music. An interesting concept, the band play a mix of styles, each very distinct, […]


Polarsets from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne as opposed to Newcastle-under-Lyme, well it is a world of difference in the UK.  Any way trying to get back to space with Polarsets – Rob Howe – (Vocals/Guitar)  Mickey Smith – (Bass/Vocals)  James Rudd – (Drums/Vocals), well in fact they are actually from further North East – Whitby, have been around since 2009. The trouble I have […]

Stretford End

Stretford End are a three piece indie rock group from Hollywood in the USA. Alexander Millar (Lead Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards),  Joey Jane (Bass/Backing Vocals) and Prentice Daggs (Drums/Backing Vocals) have started to make some inroads in the world of music. Stretford End, well I couldn’t leave without mentioning I was expecting some turgid band from Manchester trying to claim space on […]

Delta MainLine

Delta MainLine are lot’s of people and lot’s of instruments from Edinburgh in Scotland –  David McLachlan (vocals / guitar),  Gavin King (bass), Shaun McLachlan (drums / percussion / mandolin / vocals),  Verity Blanchard (piano / organs / synths / cello / Raagini Tanpura / vocals), Greg Walker (harmonica / theremin / percussion / effects / […]

Alphabet Backwards

Alphabet Backwards from Oxford in England started life as James on his own with his guitar, but then came some additions - Paul, Josh and Bob Tom, subsequently Steph joined on the behest of her brother Josh and so the ground was set. Indie Pop has the danger of being bland, mind-numbing nothingness, but then I didn’t need to say […]

Running the Risk

Running the Risk are the archetypal rock band, recently having completed the line-up Nicki Taylor (Vocal), Nick Bell (guitar),  Curtis Corwin (bass) and Aaron Cohan (drums) are from Los Angeles in the USA. Well here it is, winter has finally arrived, cold and misty, but the day brightened up when I caught an email from Nicki introducing Running […]

Illegal Notes

Illegal Notes, from Lincoln in the UK are a four piece alternative rock band, who came in to existence back in March this year and three months ago changed their lead guitarist after Gav decided it wasn’t for him, have strong musical references to London of the early ’80s and early ’70s. Filled with vocalists - Chaz,  (Lead Vocal, Rhythm […]

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