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Islington Boys Club

Islington Boys Club, who are based in North London, comprise Andy Lovelee, Daniel Silvester Taylor-Lind, Drew Kennedy and Ed Pearson, have been around for just over a year. Their electro-rock  and strong visuals have gained them some considerable momentum and after their recent release and UK tour, are heading off to Italy, to spread the […]

The-O PR

Finding a good PR agent is never easy for a band, one whose emails I always open are The-O PR. Their press material tells me all I need to know to spark an interest. Background on the band, relevant links, some images and a press release. Readers of the blog will know I am not […]

Them Bird Things – Wildlike Wonder

Them Bird Things , have been away for a year after their release of Fly, Them Birds Things, Fly, releasing their new LP Wildlike Wonder. A completely different release as the collaboration explore new avenues. Salla Day, the inspiration to the collaboration, had been planning this well in advance and sees this as a natural […]

Ben Rusch

Ben Rusch, is now based in London, having spent time in Germany and Belgium. Having had an interest in writing music from an early age, the route to becoming a solo-artist was a natural progression. He has recently released his 22nd Album, Architects of Time. Attempting to encapsulate such a prolific artist in a review […]

Mono Stereo at the Hoxton Bar and Grill

Thanks again to Andy Carlin for this review of Mono Stereo while they were on their recent UK tour. Recently I got the chance to go to Hoxton Bar and Grill for an Icelandic music night to see Mono Stereo, who are ironically Swedish not Icelandic. As I arrived for the gig I was surprised […]

The Wry Dogs

The Wry Dogs came to my attention a few months ago and I have been trying to find time to get a review up on the indie bands blog. The core members of the Wry Dogs – Wayne Kelly and George Odom, who have been writing/recording/gigging together since 1996, started to get songs together in […]

The Brassic – Modern Lust

Joe Young of The Brassic, sent me a copy of the limited release album Modern Lust, which unfortunately has been sitting on my ‘Must Write’ pile for far too long now, sorry guys. It is a superb 8 track release, which exposes the core of the band and reminds me, every time I listen to […]

The Moonjets – October 28th 229 Club

The 229 club is a medium sized venue found right underneath International Students House in Great Portland Street London. It’s directly opposite one of the Tube stations exits though I managed to miss it entirely at first. There were 4 bands playing but the one that stood out were The Moonjets. The Moonjets are a […]

Mono Stereo – Me and My Machine

I knew Mono Stereo were knocking about with Kramer to produce a new album and I was looking forward to hearing some of the out-put. Me and My Machine, the new single out on Monday 8th November, was well worth the wait. A year ago, I met the guys from Mono Stereo in Camden as […]


Electra a three piece band from Tel Aviv, Israel, comprise: Boaz Wolf (drums, keys, b vox);  Nitzan Horesh (Guitar, Vocals) and  Doron Farhi (Bass, b vox), released their first their first EP in 2004 and have recently released their first LP, Heartbreaks for Fools. Electra spent a period of time away from Israel before returning […]