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Titus Andronicus

Titus Andronicus, from New Jersey in the USA, are a five piece band comprising: Patrick Stickles (vocals,guitar, harmonica), David Robbins (keyboard , guitar), Amy Klein (guitar, violin), Ian Graetzer (bass guitar) and Eric Harm (drums, vocals). Having formed in 2005, the band has seen changes in line-up, but have stayed the course and released two […]


Apples are a five piece outfit from Herefordshire in England, who have been have gained prominence over the past year. Norman Nouvelle (Vocals) John Paul Baron (Guitar/Vocals), Gregory Bishop (Drums/Vocals), Glen Roberts (Keys/Vocals) and Pedro Kirk (Bass/Brass/Vocals) combine to create a cheerful sunshine sound. Influences from the sixties and eighties are combined to create music […]

Jamie Ley, Elena Tonra and Bada Badoo (at The New Globe, Mile End)

Thanks to Andy Carlin for this article for the Indie Bands Blog. Andy will be a featured writer on numerous live reviews on the blog, much appreciated Andy. I stumbled upon this acoustic gig at The New Globe, when I saw a poster in the window of the venue on my way home the night […]

Atsuhiro Ito

Hailing from Japan, Atsuhiro Ito, has developed his visually stunning performances with a unique instrument. The Flourescent tube is not the first musical instrument you would think of learning. Launching his career in the mid ’80s as a visual artist, Atsuhiro Ito added sound to his work in 1998. The flourescent light bulb, is integrated […]

Back again

Hi to everyone. After a lengthy break due to ill health the Indie Bands Blog is now back in action. Please keep your news coming in and keep checking back for the best indie music from around the world. Our usual coverage of gigs, band interviews and nuggets of musical interest from all over the […]