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Negro Fluo

Another Argentinian Band on indie bands blog, Negro Fluo. perhaps more an enigma in a box. The music is instantly accessible, Jorge Niklison is far more introspective. Negro Fluo comprises of only Jorge, yet his loop backs are not just a minutes work. I managed a short exchange with Jorge, for which I am grateful. […]

Vaqueros Paganos

There is no surprise that there is a thriving scene in South American indie bands and Vaqueros Paganos are a great example of the creativity. Vaqueros Paganos courtesy of Damian Benetucci After the music, the thing I like best about the band, which translates as Pagan Cowboys and conjures up exactly the right ethos for […]

Gap1969 Carnaby Street

Indie bands blog has learnt news of an unusual event coming to London from 10th September by GAP, the retail store, which is celebrating 40 years of existence. The event called: GAP1969,  lasts for 19 days and 69 hours and will be taking place off Carnaby Street. While times are not yet confirmed <see update […]

Ben’s Brother

Starting out in 2005, the band name, Ben’s Brother is a telling perception of how Jamie Hartman felt about his relationship with his older brother, Ben. Kris Houston (Keyboard and Guitar), Luke Potashnik (guitar), Malcolm Moore (bass) and Karl Brazil (drums) along with Jamie Hartman (Vocals, guitar, keyboard and even the harmonica) make for the […]

The Drums

The Drums, a band formed by two friends who lived in different parts of the USA, decided Florida was the place to be. The line up of Jonathan Pierce (Vocals) Jacob Graham (Guitar) Adam Kessler (Guitar) and  Connor Hanwick (Drums), make sense to my ears, so The Drums have to have a slot on the […]

Desmond and the Tutu’s

Desmond and the Tutu’s formed in 2005 come from Johannesburg, and is a great demonstration of the energy running through the South African music scene. The creative style Desmond and the Tutu’s, who manage to combine kwela with pop rock, providing an energetic positive sound swishing through my ears. The band, have recently returned to […]

The Damned

As a Bromley Punk, the Damned are not perhaps the natural choice, you may expect the usual Banshees, Pistols et al to appear, but as I said, I run my own course not only in my life, but on the indie bands blog. With their incessant drum and energy, the Damned remain essential listening for […]

Metro Station

Metro Station, from the USA came to the attention of Indie bands blog a while ago and their continued success is well deserved. They a band of the time, having had their initial break using the internet. The embryonic stage of the band, was when Trace Cyrus (Singer and lead guitar) and Mason Musso (lead […]

The indie bands blog thinking

The indie bands blog aims to expose and showcase some of the best bands out there, from whatever style of music. I don’t see this as a site on which I am a critic, just a music fan. Some of the bands won’t be to my taste, not a great surprise, but it is dedicated […]