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Band of the week 20th to 26th May 2012 Top 5 chart

The Top five chart for w/e 26th May is European centric this week, with bands from England, The Ukraine and Switzerland. 1. Colaars (Ukraine) 2. Palace (England) 3. Domi Chansorn (Switrzerland) 4. The Redundants (England) 5. The Manic Shine (England) Woman is available on * Join the indie bands blog on twitter for more indie […]

The Manic Shine

The Manic Shine, a four piece alternative progressive rock band from London in England. Ozzie Rodgers (Lead Vocals / Guitars), Orren Karp (Backing Vocals / Guitars), Hutch Hutchison (Bass) and Tamir Karp (Drums / Backing Vocals) recently released their debut album Blindsider. The Manic Shine offer a journey, which is well worth taking the time to enjoy. Casting aside prescriptive song […]

Cuckoo Chaos

Cuckoo Chaos are a five piece indie-pop band from San Diego in the USA - Scott Wheeler, Jackson Milgaten, Jeremy Scott, Dave Mead and Garrett Prange play up-tempo soul searching dance music. I was alerted to the band by Lefse Records, who regularly have entries on the website. The effervescence bounces out of the speakers, careers […]