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Band of the week 22nd to to 28th July 2012

Indie Bands Blog Band of the week  top five chart for 22nd to to 28th July 2012. 1. Bottle Cap Rockets (USA) 2. Magic Trick (USA) The Glad Birth of Love is available on * 3. Wideboy Generation (England) No Time to Be Shy is available on * 4. Nolita View (England) 5. Gordon Duthie (Scotland) […]

Wideboy Generation

Wideboy Generation from the North London suburbs in England update That’s Life with their indie rock renditions explored by the trio of Joe Finnigan (Guitar /Vocal), Aiden Eggenton (Bass /Vocals) and Jamie Wilsdon (Drums). I was all at sea when I hit play and I still am, but the fact that I am writing demonstrates I am smitten. […]