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Dead Leaf Echo

Dead Leaf Echo from Brooklyn, New York in the USA are:  Ana Breton (Guitar /Keys /Vocal), Lg Galleon (Guitar / Bass /Vocal) and Christo Buffam (Guitar / Keys). A debut LP – Thought and Language - coming out in early 2012, they have toured successfully in the USA and played at SXSW in 2011, Dead Leaf Echo have built a solid fan-base, […]

Burnt Ones

Whenever I receive an email from Banter Media, I am immediately intrigued, there are but very few firms that do this, hence the section entitled PR Managers, I must get on to writing about them one day. But for now, well to be honest back on 26th July 2010, I received a missive regarding the […]

Stretford End

Stretford End are a three piece indie rock group from Hollywood in the USA. Alexander Millar (Lead Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards),  Joey Jane (Bass/Backing Vocals) and Prentice Daggs (Drums/Backing Vocals) have started to make some inroads in the world of music. Stretford End, well I couldn’t leave without mentioning I was expecting some turgid band from Manchester trying to claim space on […]

Two Suns

Two Suns is the solo project under which Jake Davidson from Norman, Oklahoma in the USA plies his mix of laptop electronica and instrumentation. The combination of laptop electronics and live instrumentation generates an appealing combination of sounds, which Two Suns moulds in to an airy space in which the creativity of the music is […]


Ganglians are a four piece psychedelic beach surf band from Sacramento in the USA. Ryan Grubbs (vocals), Kyle Hoover (guitar), Adrian Comenzind (bass) and Alex Sowles (drums) have been around a few years now and have just released their third LP, on this occasion a double Album, Still Living. A fusion of psychedelia, surf-pop and experimentalism, with a […]

Street Violence

Street Violence, a five piece band from Atlanta in the USA are Suzanne Baker (Vocal), Trevor Michael Vick (Guitar), Cole Grant (Bass), Will Raines (Keyboard) and Shawn Dillard (drums), who describe themselves as psychedelic punk rock, a description that certainly drew my attention. It’s not been the best day today, just got back from the dentist having completed a root […]

28 degrees taurus

28 degrees taurus are jinsen liu (Guitar / Vocal) and karina dacosta (Lead vocal / Bass) plus touring artists and are based in Boston in the USA. They describe their music as Psychedelic Shoegaze and I think we can run with that description. I imagined myself in some surreal far eastern market, surrounded by traders frozen in […]

The Delta Mirror

The Delta Mirror from Los Angeles in the USA, started life as a hip-hop duo- Craig Gordon and David Bolt- in the ’90s and have developed to a gothic shoegaze outfit since the addition of Karrie K on Bass. Atmospherics waft from the speakers creating a warming cushion of cloud in which to lounge. A myriad of […]

High Pop

High Pop are the duo of Sean and Jordan from between Boston and New York in the USA. They bring their music to the listener via their basement recordings. Lo-fi is the only description I can apply. A joy to take time out to listen to the constructs, which come out of the speakers like […]


Hailing from Long Island, New York in the USA come Slothbear.  Doug Bleek (bass), Ian Miniero (drums), Josh Ginsberg (guitar and vocals) and Craig Heed (guitar and vocals) got together back in 2008 since when they have enthralled those who listen. A swarm of superbly discordant sounds appear like barbs and antagonise the eardrums. I […]

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