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New Year Ninety 2012 30 to 21

Getting to the thick end of the indie bands blog New Year Ninety 2012 Chart now with positions 30 to 21. 30 – Secret Pilot (England) 29 – Reader’s Wives (Ireland) 28 – The Heartbreaks (England) 27 – Divorce (Scotland) DIVORCE at Transmission 13.12.08 from Andrew Browntown on Vimeo. 26 – Itching Eye Ball… (The […]

The Rural Alberta Advantage

No prizes for guessing where The Rural Alberta Advantage emanate. The trio of Nils Edenloff (Vocals and Guitar), Amy Cole (Vocals, Keyboard &  Percussion) and Paul Banwatt (Drums) come from Toronto in Canada, describing their music as reflecting the images og growing up in north and Central Alberta. Even the band name demands a second […]