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Bedfellows is the alt-pop trio of Justin Vassallo, Jack Glenn and Garrett Cook from New York in The USA. One of the pleasures of synth driven alt-pop is the ease with which it settles in the ears. One of the turn-offs of synth driven alt-pop is the ease with which is settles in the ears. Bedfellows […]

Tyrannosaurus Grace

Tyrannosaurus Grace is a five piece alternative synth-pop band from Ellensburg in the USA. Tim Held (Vocals / Guitar / Keyboards), Justin Foss (Guitar / Keyboards), David Hoffman (Drums), Lakyn Bury (Vocals / Guitar / Keyboards) and Jeff Gerrer (Bass) started as a project duo in 2009 and evolved to the full line up a year later. You know that feeling you […]

Ugly Kids Club

Ugly Kids Club is the duet of Steve Wilson (producer/  songwriter / guitarist) and Aliegh Shields (vocalist / lyricist / guitarist), based in Nashville in the USA, who despite the instruments highlighted are a synth rock out-fit. Muted tones wing their way across the room as the electronics charge the room with flashing sparks and then a […]

Fanfic debut LP Maneuvering Around Awkwardness

Fanfic from San Antonio in the USA release their eight track debut LP Maneuvering Around Awkwardness on 24th April 2012. When I initially reviewed Fanfic I described their sound as though it were emanating from a Nightclub in Berlin and here we have as the opening track on the debut album Nights in Berlin. The […]

James & Evander

James & Evander is a synth-pop duo from Oakland in the USA. Adam Myatt and Glenn Jackson started working together while art students back in 2006, their sound has developed from its roots in indietronic instrumental to a far more velvety feeling out-put. Think of putting chocolate on to melt, for a while nothing happens and tempting as it […]

This Vision

This Vision are a duo from Helsingborg in Sweden. Formed when their band Stones Cry Out split in 2006,  Marcus Lantz (Vocals) and Christian Hartmann (Synth and Programming) decided to continue with their passion for music and so emerged This Vision. They spent over a year exploring their new sounds and lockied in the studio […]